As required by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales and as part of the firm’s accreditation to undertake Probate Services, we are required to undertake diversity monitoring which is carried out on an annual basis.

Staff were requested to provide diversity data on a voluntary basis in accordance with ICAEW guidance and 70% responded. This is sufficient to provide a reliable analysis of the firm’s diversity profile.

Levicks is an equal opportunities employer respecting individuals and encouraging progression based on merit regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds.

The results as at 31 March 2019 of the responses received are as follows:

Chartered Accountant partners 3
Other Accountant partners 3
Other qualified Accountants 11
Training non Chartered Accountant 3
Others 8

Of the partners 3 are female and 3 male.

The age profile of the firm is as follows:

16-24 5
25-34 3
35-44 8
45-54 6
55-64 6
65+ 0

Gender distribution is as follows:

Male 10
Female 18


19 respondents had professional qualifications.


1 respondent considered themselves disabled as per the Equality Act and 1 preferred not to say.

Ethnic group

Of the 28 respondents, 26 considered they were White British, 1 was Other White background and 1 was Chinese

Sexual orientation

27 considered themselves heterosexual and 1 preferred not to say.


14 considered themselves Christian, 12 had no religion and 2 preferred not to say.

Family financial support

22 respondents families did not receive income support, 4 confirmed they did, 2 did not answer the question. 24 confirmed their family did not receive free school meals, 3 confirmed they did and 1 preferred not to say.


24 respondents attended state schools and 4 attended selective, faith or other schools.